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Our program aims to ensure success by providing students with a pretest, one-on-one training, individualized reports, and testing resources.

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What is the importance of the ACT?

The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions. It is designed to assess students' English, Math, Reading, and Science skills, with an optional Writing test.

What is the history of the ACT?

The American College Testing Program was founded in 1959 to (1) help students make better decisions on which colleges to attend and (2) provide information to colleges to facilitate the process of admitting and retaining students. In 1996, the test changed its name to the ACT and, less than a decade later, went international. 


What are the demographics for this test prep?

Lex Math Tutor welcomes students from all backgrounds and values being an inclusive space. This test prep is geared toward students seeking to take the ACT ranging from 7th grade to adult learners. Regardless if you aim to increase your score from an 18 to a 24, 33 to 36, or take it for the first time, we can accommodate your test prep needs. 

How much does the test prep session cost?

Our ACT Prep rates are the same as our individual tutoring sessions. Providers can be anyone financially responsible for the student or the student themselves and can pay in-person or by going to Rates. This cost covers the test preparation session for the mathematics section on the ACT, an individualized student report, testing resources, and complimentary drinks.

Is this test prep just for math or does it include science?

This test prep is designed to help students be successful with the mathematics section of the ACT. However, at this session, students will learn time management skills that apply to all test sections. We would like to extend our services to cover both STEM portions in the future.

What should I expect after completing the interest form?

After you complete the questionnaire with basic information, we’ll contact the email address with the details about completing the pre-test, how to pay for the test prep workshop, general information, and the details of when/where the event will be held. 

What do I need to know about the pretest?

The Preparing for the ACT is available to all students and will serve as the pretest for those who enroll. This test should be taken distraction-free and timed for 60 minutes. The math section starts on page 24 and ends on page 31 on the linked PDF. An answer sheet will be provided to record student responses upon signing up. Completing the pretest before the prep session is important for the individualized student report. This personalized report will be sent home with the additional testing resources at the end of the session. 

What happens if my student paid to go, but can not make it? 

Similarly to the tutoring session cancellation policy, the provider understands and is responsible for a $30 fee in the event of missing the test prep session.

What should I bring to the prep session?



Are guardians required to be present during the session?

Parents and guardians can drop off and pick up their students at the location. Those inclined to stay for the duration are welcome to do so. 

Is an improved math test prep score guaranteed?

While this prep's goal is to provide students with the best opportunity and skill set to succeed, improved ACT scores are not guaranteed. However, the student's willingness to apply themselves will likely result in an improved score and set the student up for future success.

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Tips for Success:

We surveyed high school guidance counselors to answer the questions below.

How can students prepare for the ACT?

Use test preparation resources and strategies to help. Practice, Practice, Practice!

What are the benefits of taking the ACT?

Taking the test and scoring high marks can help with college admissions, course placements, and scholarships.

What changes have you observed about the ACT?

The ACT test has transitioned from paper/pencil to an online testing platform. While this may be more beneficial to some, it is not in the best interest for every student.

What changes have you observed in students' perceptions of the ACT?

Colleges and universities are increasingly becoming (or already) test optional. This has lowered students' perception of the test, but not the value of the test overall. While the requirement for taking the ACT has changed for college admissions, needing high scores for scholarships has not. 

What would you want families to know about the ACT?

What are some tips to share with test takers?

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