Meet the Staff:

Tyler Waters


(Current) Doctor of Philosophy in STEM Education, University of Kentucky

-Cumulative GPA of 4.0

(May 2015) Masters of Arts in Mathematics Education, University of Kentucky

-Kentucky Teaching Certification

(May 2014) Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Education, University of Kentucky

-Minor in Communications


(2023) Top 3 Best Tutoring Services in Lexington

(2022) Top 3 Best Tutoring Services in Lexington

(2020) Kentucky Teacher of the Year Nominee

(2019) Fayette County Public School’s FAME Award

(2014) Kentucky STEM Teacher of Promise Award

(2014-Present) Team Leader of the University of Kentucky’s See Blue STEM Camp

Perfect scores on the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE, Mathematics section of the Praxis: Core Academic Skills, and Praxis: Mathematics Content Knowledge

Mathematics wasn’t easy for me. I was the student who needed tutoring and summer school. 

I found my love of teaching through math. As a tutor in college, I had my “Aha!” moment as I helped a friend struggling with math. His sincere “thank you” when we finished made me realize I had a teaching skill. Even though learning wasn’t easy for me (and maybe even because it wasn’t easy for me), I found my place in helping others learn in a field dominated by difficulty.

After teaching and tutoring for over ten years, I saw the need for a locally-owned tutoring company that provides one-on-one tutoring to meet each student’s needs. As the Lex Math Tutor's founder and owner, I ensure all students feel welcomed and supported. 

Chase Garrison


(Current) Masters of Science in Cybersecurity, Western Governors University

Masters of Arts in Teacher Leader, Union College

-Teaching Certification Math & Science

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Alice Lloyd College

-Minor in Chemistry


(2023) Top 3 Best Tutoring Services in Lexington

(2022) Top 3 Best Tutoring Services in Lexington

Perfect scores on Praxis Math Content and Praxis Science Content

Teaching is in my blood—despite spending most of my life trying to outrun it, I'm a third-generation educator and tutor. During my “running” phase, I earned a few degrees and attended medical school, but I still struggled to be content with the future I had laid out for myself. 

Nothing felt quite right until I realized (much, much later) that the personal impact I wanted to have on people’s lives didn’t come from caring for them on a physical level—it came from the desire to enrich their minds and give them the same education my parents and grandparents afforded me. 

I feel tremendous satisfaction when I see a student grow from unsure or uninterested into someone who’s confident and connected to what they’re studying, no matter the subject. 

Reviews on Google and Facebook:

LP: "Tyler is extremely professional, prompt at appointment time, and very knowledgeable about math. Great with our 7th-grade son that needed help in pre-algebra.  He was very patient and kind in his teachings. Really appreciate this service, especially with my kids going to a hybrid school with 2 days of homeschooling a week. It helps mommy and child from getting frustrated with each other!!! THANK YOU, TYLER!"

KM: "Super helpful! Very nice and professional. I would definitely recommend for math help!"

JV: "Tyler is extremely professional and easy to work with. My daughter needed an AP Calculus tutor, and he has helped her tremendously. Her scores have improved and she’s gaining the skills and confidence needed to score high on the AP exam. Highly recommend."

ZB: "In the experience I have had with Lexington’s Premier Mathematics Tutoring, it has been clear that they care about student success. My tutor, Tyler, took his time and ensured that I was understanding the concepts I was learning and not just a given homework problem. All teaching was very easily understood and widely applicable."

DR: "Tyler is a fantastic math teacher for my daughter.  He teaches in a way that she can relate to, and he finds ways to teach in a fun way.  Additionally, Tyler is always prompt, easy to reach, and reliable.  Great tutor!"

AB: "Tyler is amazing. He really helped me understand my college math course when I needed a little extra help. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a math tutor; he’s a total lifesaver."

Contact Information:

Email: Tyler.Waters@LexMathTutor.com

Call Office: (859) 880 - 6986

Text Cell: (859) 893 - 1157

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